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How many girls will be in the classes?

We will be running class bubbles of 15 with children from the same year group in each bubble. These 15 places will be offered on a first come first basis.

Hand washing

The girls will come to us with their hands washed, we will then be ensuring they wash their hands at the end of our classes.



For the 4 weeks prior to half term, we will only be allowing the girls to bring Ballet shoes / funky jazz trainers with them to school to put on for ballet and jazz. This is to minimise the amount of outside items brought into the school. This will be reviewed at half term.



The girls who are going to ABC after our classes will have their hands washed and then be taken to ABC. The girls leaving to go home will be dismissed to their parent / guardian through the door to the hall and music room leading to outside. We remind you to apply the social distancing rule whilst queueing to collect your daughters. When you are at the front of the queue, we will ask you to state your daughter’s name and then bring her to you and ask you to make a swift exit from the collection point. Please remain 2m away from the teachers when stating your daughter’s name.



As per the rules at BHS, masks will not need to be worn at the school by students or teachers. The teachers might choose to wear one when dismissing the girls at the end of the class, but this is not a stipulation at BHS.


How will you keep record of who is attending the classes for track and trace?

As always, we will be taking a register at the start of each class and will have your details in our system from your online registration to our classes, so we can easily contact you and if needs pass this information on to track and trace. Bromley high school will also have a copy of this, as well as a record of all staff on site each week.


When should / shouldn’t a student attend classes at GWDA Ballet and Funky Jazz classes at Bromley High School and what will happen if there is a POSITIVE COVID test result at our academy?

  1. If there is a CONFIRMED case in our dance academy class bubble we must close down this class bubble and isolate. This goes for ALL students within this class bubble AND the teacher. In this case classes will immediately switch to zoom.

  1. If your child is sent home from school because there is a confirmed case in their school bubble and told they must isolate for 14 days they CANNOT come to our classes during this time, even if they have no symptoms.

  1. If one of our student’s siblings/ household member is isolating under the advice of Track and Trace or their school, and remains well with no symptoms, the student IS allowed to attend our classes.

  1. If someone in your household (NOT one of our students directly) has a POSITIVE test but our student remains symptomless we do NOT need to close down our dance class bubble. This is because ourselves and the other students are SECONDARY contacts. The student in question however, will have to isolate with their household and NOT attend classes with us.

  1. If a student attends our class has SYMPTOMS but no positive test, we can keep our class running until we know the results of the test. Obviously, the student with symptoms cannot attend while awaiting test results.

  1. If someone in the household with one of our students has SYMPTOMS, you must isolate and NOT ATTEND our classes until you know the outcome of the test.

  1. To explain our teacher / class set up’s in case of a positive result at our academy:

Bubble A is taught by Teacher A. A student in bubble A tests positive for COVID19. The student, bubble A and teacher A have to isolate and our classes will switch to zoom.

Teacher A also taught bubble B & bubble C etc … These bubbles are counted as ‘SECONDARY’ contacts and do NOT have to isolate. Obviously a replacement teacher will teach the lessons whilst Teacher A isolates, or, if this is not possible classes will switch to Zoom.

  1. Finally- DO NOT attend our classes if our student or their household have travelled outside of the UK within the last 14 days to countries not included in the ‘safe to travel’ corridors list as currently dictated by the UK government.

  1. A reminder of CORONA virus symptoms:

-A high temperature

– A new, continuous cough

– The loss or change of sense of taste or smell

PLEASE NOTE: IF a case was detected at Bromley High School and Public health England was contacted, any decision they make would override any of the stipulations above and Bromley High would manage it with direct contact to you as the parents of the BHS girls.

  1. A polite reminder that if your daughter has been off school unwell she CANNOT attend our afterschool ballet classes, even if they are feeling better.